Mercer Island Parks and Open Spaces

Mercer Island Parks and Facilities

The sylvan nature of Mercer Island is beautifully demonstrated within the well-maintained park and trail system on the island. Hike, bike, walk, play, watch nature, swim, participate in organized sports – residents may enjoy all of these outdoor activities. On the north end, the 20 acre Park on the Lid offers families countless hours of playtime with its children’s play area, sports fields and basketball courts. Three of the larger city parks– Luther Burbank Park, Clarke Beach and Groveland Beach Park– have beaches. Luther Burbank itself contains 4,000 feet of shoreline, a boat dock and fishing pier, three miles of maintained trails, a children’s play area, tennis courts, and the city’s only off-leash dog park. The south end Pioneer Park contains 113 wooded acres, and its Southeast Quadrant is specifically set up for horseback riding.

Park on the Lid (Aubrey Davis Park)   72nd SE & SE 22nd
Bicentennial Park   77th SE & SE 32nd
Clarke Beach   7700 East Mercer Way
Clise Park   SE 40th & Island Crest Way
Deane’s Children’s Park   5500 Island Crest Way
Homestead Park   SE 40th & 82nd
Island Crest Park   5500 Island Crest Way
Luther Burbank Park   2040 84th Ave SE
Mercerdale Park   77th SE & SE 32nd
Pioneer Park   SE 68th & Island Crest Way
Ellis Pond   SE 47th & 90th SE
First Hill Park   SE 32nd & 72nd SE
Pea Patch Gardens   8236 SE 24th St
Roanoke Park   70th Ave SE & West Mercer Way
Rotary Park   88th SE & SE 44th
Secret Park   SE 27th & West Mercer Way
Slater Park   2835 60th Place SE
South Mercer Playfields   SE 78th & 84th SE

Photos of some of our favorite parks and events:

Park on the Lid


Island Crest Park


Luther Burbank Park


Pioneer Park


Pea Patch Gardens


Slater Park


Recreation and Events


Summer Celebration

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