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Seattle’s Central District is an extremely diverse area broken into distinct micro-neighborhoods. The borders of the Central District include the I-5 corridor on the west side, the Beacon Hill neighborhood to the south, Lake Washington to the east and the north side is defined by Portage Bay and the Arboretum. There are a total of 24 micro-neighborhoods within Central Seattle, spread over a pentagon shaped area. Below are overviews of five of the CD’s micro-neighborhoods, from different sections of the 5 edges of Central Seattle. Foodies have a nice variety of food and beverage choices at the many area restaurants and pubs throughout the area. Madrona and Leschi are part of the Seattle School District.

The Madrona neighborhood (map) derives its name from the Madrona tree which is common in the area. Madrona’s neighborhood motto is “The Peaceable Kingdom,” as a celebration of its ethnically diverse nature. Madrona is mainly residential, with several parks including Madrona Beach Park on the shores of Lake Washington. The homes in Madrona are not on the waterfront, due to the Beach Park, but many have views of the lake, or limited views of University of Washington to the north and downtown Seattle to the west. There is a small commercial district in Madrona, located at the corner of 34th and Union. One of the more well-known businesses is GlassyBaby, whose sole product is hand-blown glass candle holders. Visitors to GlassyBaby can watch the glass artists create candle holders in the shop.

Leschi, is a neighborhood (map) with a mix of condo and residential homes. The design styles run from bungalows and craftsman style homes, to brick, plus Tudor styles. Contemporary and mid-century modern ramblers are also found around Leschi. There are waterfront properties in Leschi, and a marina next to the 18.5 acre Leschi Park. Within the neighborhood is the family-owned Leschi Market, a community staple for 70 years. They are known for their on-site butcher shop, along with generous availability of organic products. The Leschi Community Council is an active neighborhood organization in the region.

Check out this recent Seattle Times article about the Denny-Blaine neighborhood just north of Madrona.

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